Endeks Bilisim who collects the distribution of the leading brands of the sector in order to meet the needs of the IT market and presents quality technical service since 2005. It has increased its success level with the determination and made the target of the organization within positive feedbacks received from its customers.

Endeks Bilisim aims to continue its success at OEM and peripherals also in the Auto-ID department (Automatic Identification/Data Collection) since July 2018.

In this regard, Endeks Bilisim aims to supply the best products and the continuity of them by making the distribution of our own brand QUATRONİC , PERFORMAX which is improved with the biggest vendors of the world and the brands which are proved in the sector globally.

Endeks Bilisim is the distributor of the POSBANK, QUATRONİC , PERFORMAX,  pos pc, receipt printer which is supplied by the biggest vendors of the World, UNITECH, SUNMI hand terminal, UNITECH , QUATRONİC and PERFORMAX , barcode scanners, GodEX ve XPRINTER barcode printer and aims to improve this group day by day.

Our vision

Our vision is, to become among the prominent companies of Turkish IT industry, by adapting ourselves to the changing conditions of today and tomorrow, under the light of our trustworthy and ethical attitude,

Our Mission

As an effective supplier, our mission is to offer the most updated and efficient products to Turkey IT market, by analysing the demand of our customers and end-users.


Brief History of Our Company

September 2020

Became Turkey Distributor  of POSBANK Brand and POSBANK Branded Handheld Terminals Imported.

May 2020

Became Turkey Distributor  of SUNMI Brand and SUNMI Branded Handheld Terminals Imported.

March 2020

Became Turkey Distributor of XPRINTER Brand and XPRINTER Branded Barcode Printer Imported.

May 2019

Became Turkey Distributor of GODEX Brand and GODEX Branded Barcode Printer Imported.

January 2019

Barcode Reader Produced with PERFORMAX Brand

December 2018

Became the Turkey Distributor of UNITECH Brand and Import of UNITECH Branded Barcode Scanner

November 2018

First Pos PC Sales with QUATRONIC Brand

July 2018

AUTO/ID (Automatic Identification / Data Collection) Department Established

March 2005

Endeks Bilişim Founded

300Product Type
1000Business Partner